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The Appreciation Engine is a project designed and created by me, Steph, as part of the SoundCloud Community Fellowship Program.

As a communication scholar, geek, and all-around enthusiast, my biggest passion in life is to help people create, maintain, foster, and fuel positive relationships through healthy communication. Therefore, the goal of my Community Fellowship project is to cultivate a positive relational interaction from a simple instance of verbal communication.

Mostly, My vision with The Appreciation Engine is to make it easy, fun, and inspiring to share appreciation for anyone in your life, and to make appreciation sharing go viral!

Itā€™s easy!
Just hit record, share your appreciation with someone, and send them the link via email, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social site!

Want updates on the progress of The Appreciation Engine as it evolves, ideas and reasons from me for sharing appreciation, or just LOVE what we are doing?

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