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How do I See and Listen to All of the Messages I’ve Recorded?

Oh, that’s an easy one!

Just click on the “My Recordings” tab on the top of the webpage. You’ll be prompted to connect to you SoundCloud account and then all of your messages will show in chronological order!

To get the URL for a specific message (if you want to send it to someone again) you can click on the “My Appreciation” title right above the player. That will take you to the recording’s permalink page.

How Do I Add a Picture to My Appreciation Recording?

Including a profile picture on your SoundCloud profile will add a super personal touch to your recordings of apprecitation, because the recipient will be able to see your face as they listen to your voice!

The picture attached to the audio player showing your appreciation comes directly from your SoundCloud profile.

To update your SoundCloud Profile picture you can go to your SoundCloud profile settings.


You can click on your SoundCloud username directly from the audio player

And then click “Edit You Profile” 



Upload an image of yourself so that your appreciations will feel ever more personal! 

When I try to “Allow” Adobe Flash player to record it just freezes.

This is a common problem seen in the Chrome browser. It probably means that you don’t have Adobe Flash installed on your computer.

For some reason, Chrome doesn’t tell you that’s the problem and just lets’s the pop up box sit there! Try downloading Flash and that should fix the issue.

How do I share my recorded message of appreciation with someone?

The most simple way to share your track with someone  is to copy the URL from the browser and either email or post that link to their Facebook, or Tweet it out.












Why do I need a SoundCloud Account to Record?

Because this is a SoundCloud Community Fellowship project, silly.

In all seriousness, SoundCloud is one of the best and easiest audio tools out there. Why wouldn’t we use it? It’s super simple to create an account, record on the go, upload sounds to share. It’s a one stop shop for audio awesomeness. And it’s super easy to use! (And they didn’t even *ask* me to say this!)

What if the My Recordings Page Is Showing Messages That Aren’t Mine?

If you’re seeing messages from another SoundCloud user on your My Recordings page, it’s likely that they were the last to use The Appreciation Engine.

Don’t worry, all you need to do is click the “Sign Out” button

Once you’ve signed out you can click the My Recordings page again and authorize your SoundCloud account to connect with The Appreciation Engine.

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